Five on Friday

1. We LOVE the snow. LOVE IT. Zachary’s not big enough to play in it yet, so right now, we just have fun looking at it. BUT- I decided to take him out in it this morning, to get a few pictures. I’m not sure if it was the snow or the 20 degree temperatures, but he wasn’t really a fan.

2. We had SO much fun last weekend, spending time with friends and family. Friday night, I went out for Mexican with my girls in Oakland, while Zach watched the boy. Then, my sister and I got some good one-on-one time while Zach went to spend time with his old teammates last Saturday. Sunday, Zach’s best friend came in town and Zach surprised me with a hotel in downtown Memphis. It was a much busier weekend than usual, but we LOVED reconnecting with so many people.

3. There’s not much update on the adoption. We’re still finishing up the last pieces of our home study paperwork. Half of our paperwork is based around our jobs, income, etc. so we decided to put everything on hold until Zach could finish interviewing for a position at his bank. But, it looks like that decision is going to take longer than he expected to hear something back, so we’ve decided to continue to keep moving with the adoption process, and if we have to go back and change things later, we will deal with it. We keep reminding ourselves that God is in control, and we’re praying regularly for patience in the process. My next meeting with our case worker is on Monday to turn in the rest of our home study.

4. I took this video yesterday and it’s just too cute not to share.

5. We started working out again this week. Today, everything on my body hurts. EVERYTHING.

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mom - January 22, 2011 - 6:29 pm

I think the video is cute too – no matter what Jennifer and Grandma say. :-) The snow pictures are too cute. I actually put one as my phone screen for this week. Love you -